About The Conference

ASEAN Oil & Gas Conference 2024

Welcome to The first Edition of the ASEAN Oil & Gas Conference 2024, Incorporating with Oil & Gas Thailand (OGET) 2024 which will be held on the 17 October 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The theme of this year is "Unlocking Potential: Innovating for the Future of Oil & Gas in Southeast Asia" As you might guess, most of our discussion will focus on the international Oil & Gas industry and this event will bring an international congregation of companies together in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Conference Highlights

Thailand’s role in the Future of Oil and Gas in Southeast Asia
Market Dynamics and Investment Opportunities in Southeast Asia’s Upstream Sector
Oil and Gas Market Outlook
Oil & Gas Exploration in Philippines and its future
Current state of the Oil & Gas industry in Vietnam
Panel Discussion: How Digital Transformation could change the upstream oil & gas industry?

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